mapskin is the visual language for geospatial.

The mapskin geospatial web font aims at illustrating concepts and objects of modern cartography, geographic information systems, spatial data infrastructures, webmapping and everything geo.

Geospatial Web Font

mapskin's mission is to create geospatial related vector icons and to share them to the geospatial community as an open source web font.

mapskin strives for representing geospatial complexity into simple and easy to undertand glyphs or shapes.

mapskin is making geospatial speak visually, one vector icon at a time.

Webmapping, with style.

mapskin intends to be a helpful resource for buidling intuitive and consistent webmapping or geospatial oriented user interfaces.

mapskin encourages the use of @font-face for every webmap button, toolbar and any other HTML element deserving an icon.

Pimp up your maps and apps with the mapskin icons !

mapskin geospatial web font is an independant open source project.